Six Month Blogging Roundup

Six Month Blogging Roundup

Well, here we are, 6 months into this project! I’ve learned a ridiculous amount over the past half-year as I’ve DIY’d my way through launching this blog. 6 months isn’t a very long time in the grand scheme of things. And this is an extremely small blog yet, with only a tiny handful of pageviews. This blogging adventure is really still just beginning.

Six Month Blogging Roundup

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.” – Jordan B. Peterson


Achievement #1 is actually starting the blog! At first, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, or whether I would be able to keep up with the project consistently. I even worried about running out of topics! Well, sometimes I still worry about that… but for the moment it has been a non-problem.

Achievement #2 is you, dear reader! Like every blog, this one started at square zero. Zero pageviews, zero presence. The very fact that you are here, reading, is proof of progress. This is a great point to say, thank you!!

Achievement #3 is that, small as it is by every metric, is already a success. By that, I mean that it is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It is helping me focus my thoughts, ideas, and gameplan for my own horsemanship while exercising my writing muscles. At the same time it seems to also be helpful to the folks who are reading, at least based on most of the comments. My initial goal was to help others while I help myself. I believe that that is happening.

Goals and Thoughts for the Future

I have several goals for into the future. Some deal more with the admin and technical side of blogging. I’d like to get an email subscription list rolling, and to continue to tweak and refine and improve the experience for you, my deeply valued reader.

Additionally, I’m rolling around ideas for future products, from free printables to possible more in-depth items for purchase. But that is for much further down the road… very much still in the brainstorming stage.

I’d love to dip my toes into doing some product reviews, maybe some affiliate marketing. But, I want to ensure that the integrity of the information remains. I like promoting stuff I like… crap, not so much.

Finally, I will continue to create blog content that is helpful and useful, to me as well as to you.

Slow and Steady

I’ll refrain from adding “wins the race” to that heading… if there is a race, I certainly haven’t won it, and I’m not sure there even is a race at all.

But progress is progress. This website has gone from square one with zero pageviews a day to reliably getting a handful of views each week and good positive feedback.

I’ve slowly dipped my toes into a number of ancillary parts of blogging, like promoting my posts on Pinterest and Facebook. I still struggle with marketing myself and my work… #introvertstruggles… but I’m getting better at it. There is always more to learn, to tweak, to improve.

Your Thoughts?

Well, dear Reader… what do you think of the road so far? What do you like about Dislike? Want to see more of? Less of? Please share, and help me to help you! And now I’m off to the barn… I should be riding!