Link Love: August 2018 Edition

Link Love: August 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Link Love Internet Roundup for August 2018! Read on for a few of the tidbits that captured my interest over the last few weeks!

Link Love August 2018 French Link

Close Your Fingers (JumperNation)

We all have those little nagging ingrained quirks in our riding that we are constantly working on or need our attention directed back to. Who else can relate to this rider and her coach?

When Aretha Franklin Rocked the Dressage World (Dressage Today)

A lovely article and a throwback video to how Aretha touched even the equestrian world. Rest in peace.

A Great Test of Good Riding (JumperNation)

An excerpt from the book Horses Came First, Second, and Last by USET coach Jack Le Goff on schooling the jumping horse over cavaletti. Excellent explanation of cavaletti setup for introductory work to more advanced gymnastics, and also a discussion of the benefits of cavaletti work for horses and riders at all levels.

Fall Health Tune Up (Equisearch)

Equisearch posted this great article on preparing for winter with a focus on strengthening and supporting your horse’s immunities. Read on for specific recommendations to consider this fall.

How Studying Biomechanics Enhances Your Dressage Training (Dressage Today)

Biomechanics of horse and rider is one of the subjects that consistently humbles me. This field of study never fails to remind me how much more there is to learn, how much more subtle my understanding could be, and how much more I could help myself to help my horse.

Rothchild Retirement (NoelleFloyd)

Lovely, lovely write-up on McLain Ward’s illustrious longtime mount. I typically don’t follow showjumping that closely, but… this is Rothchild. Happy retirement, fella; time for a well-deserved rest on those laurels.

2018 Travers Stakes

For all the bittersweet might-have-beens surrounding the rest of the 2018 racing season after Justify’s retirement, the Travers Stakes was still an excellent run. Check out Catholic Boy in the video below.

Follow up your viewing of the race with a look at this article from HorseNetwork, analyzing the race and making some predictions for the fall racing yet to come:

Horse Training: We Should Know Better, Do Better (

Like the article on biomechanics a little farther up in this post, this article forces me to be humble and put on my thinking cap. The ideas here about perception and how we frame what we know into what we do are edging toward the deeper end of the philosophy pool… but apply to far more than just horsemanship. Read, don’t skim, this one.

Disengaging the Hind End in 3 Simple Steps (Differential Equestrian)

Here is a great breakdown on how to disengage a horse’s hindquarters under saddle. This exercise should be in the toolbox of every horseman. While engagement of the hindquarters is vital for athletic maneuvers, the ability to disengage them at will is crucial to basic control.

WEG Runup (NoelleFloyd)

I feel like Tryon 2018 is sneaking up on me!! Check out this roundup of the teams announced so far… although I see no reining in this list! 😉

So, there’s a snippet of what is going on in the horse world this month! Link Love will be back again in September with more of the good stuff!

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